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TMMG has an exceptional range of  janitorial supplies for commercial businesses! We offer a comprehensive selection of high-quality cleaning products and supplies to meet all your janitorial needs. From effective cleaning agents and disinfectants to durable equipment and tools, our products are designed to optimize cleanliness, hygiene, and efficiency in your commercial space, ensuring a pristine environment for your staff and customers. Experience the difference with TMMG's janitorial supplies, and elevate the cleanliness standards of your business today!


Cleaning Chemicals
   - All-purpose cleaners
   - Disinfectants and sanitizers
   - Floor cleaners and degreasers
   - Glass and surface cleaners
   - Bathroom cleaners

Cleaning Equipment
   - Vacuum cleaners
   - Floor scrubbers and polishers
   - Carpet extractors
   - Window cleaning tools
   - Janitorial carts and trolleys

Paper and Dispensers

  - Toilet paper
  - Paper towels
  - Hand towel dispensers
  - Toilet seat cover dispensers
  - Soap dispensers

Trash and Recycling
   - Trash cans and bins
   - Recycling bins
   - Trash bags and liners
   - Waste receptacles

Safety and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

   - Gloves
   - Safety goggles
   - Dust masks and respirators
   - Safety signs and cones
   - Protective clothing and aprons


TMMG has a robust, convenient online ordering system for janitorial supplies. With our password-protected ordering site, you can easily browse our extensive selection of products and place orders at your convenience, 24/7. What sets us apart is our innovative feature that allows customers to access their order history, making it effortless to track and reorder previously purchased supplies. Experience the simplicity of streamlined procurement with TMMG's online ordering system, ensuring you have all the janitorial supplies you need with just a few clicks.

Highlights of Our Online Ordering System

  • Secure Customer Login

  • Order history trackin

  • Inventory tracking by location

  • Unique logins for each location

  • SDS sheets downloadable for each product

  • Personalized customer support

  • Customer specific online product catalog

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