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UV-C Clean Air Technology Installed At Livonia Office

UV Angel Clean Air™ units were installed at TMMG (The Maintenance Management Group) into ceiling light fixtures throughout high-traffic areas to help prevent the spread of pathogens in entryways, offices, and conference rooms.

This technology disrupts person-to-person spread of disease by continuously cleaning and neutralizing air in indoor spaces, all while people are present. This clean air technology reduces risk of contracting diseases. The units contain an enclosed chamber of UV-C light to neutralize up to 99.99% of viruses, bacteria and fungi on surfaces and in the air. It runs without the need for personnel interaction, to reduce the risk of human error. The technology was originally designed for use in hospitals, where it helps mitigate the risk of hospital-associated infections. The UV Angel Clean Air units allow employees to return to the Livonia office without fear of being exposed to harmful pathogens.

“Safety is our number one priority for our employees.” says Ian Murphy, TMMG account manager, “Adding these [UV Angel Clean Air™] to the office is an investment in keeping our staff healthy and continuing working.”

UV Angel Clean Air units come with or without LED down lights. If you would like more information on the UV Angel units and installation - reach out to Detroit company, GDW Fulfillment.

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