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Dusting In Medical Facilities

Updated: May 10, 2022

Dusty rooms are breeding grounds for sickness and infection. Dust can be harmful to everyone in your medical facilities.

TMMG is presently supporting facilities services, Detroit Medical Center main campus.

Our scope of service includes dusting Light lens cleaning, sprinkler head and vent cleaning all rooms and hallways. Our dusting program provides the support meeting compliance to Joint commission, clean air initiative, the hospital infection control department and environment of care processes.

Our program is designed for continual scheduling of all areas on a rotating bases, with specialized scheduling for high priority areas meeting all regulator equipment.


Dust can introduce allergens into the air. Dust is an effective way to transport allergens and airborne pathogens. Pathogens can live for longer periods of time in dust making transfer of germs to surfaces highly likely.

Hospital dusting is the process of cleaning difficult to reach spots, to remove bacteria, dust and dirt build up. These areas could be vents, sprinkler heads, light lenses, light fixtures, pipes, dirty rafters, or anywhere air is regularly filtered.

TMMG offers dusting services for commercial and industrial buildings in Michigan. We use treated dust collectors and HEPA vacuums to remove dust from your facility instead of moving it around. TMMG recommends scheduling routine dusting schedule for healthcare facilities.

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