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TMMG is a solutions based company. Our reputation is earned by creating and maintaining healthy, safe environments for our customers. 


We focus on results, our janitorial service utilizes cleaning processes that enhance the overall environment, and promote hygienic, sustainable solutions. Our staff is specifically trained to handle the cleaning needs of each building we maintain.



TMMG has done hundreds of specialized commercial cleaning projects from construction clean-ups to kitchen cleaning. Each job requires precise coordination so that down time is minimal and schedules are kept. TMMG employs the proper equipment, chemicals and processes to meet deadlines and insure your project is complete.


TMMG has full time floor restoration and cleaning crews working seven days a week to restore and maintain floors. For many people the first thing they notice in a building are the floors and sadly oftentimes the maintenance is overlooked or underestimated because of insufficient training and the results are dirty, stained flooring which is embarrassing for any business. TMMG has the knowledge and the resources to clean, restore and maintain your floors properly.



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